My Approach to Healing and Change

How I help with Anxiety and DepressionTo get a handle on anxiety and depression, you need to both increase your ability to stay balanced (to deal with the “wildness” of the wild moods), and with that balance you then obtain the strength and confidence to turn towards the pain that underlies anxiety and depression. You become able to not not just cope with them, but actually pull them up by the roots.

Accomplishing that means both practicing skills to decrease the amount of time spent in these painful moods—most particularly mindfulness/self-reflection and self-regulation (as with the different skills taught by cognitive behavioral therapy—as well as exploring the beliefs and old pains that need our attention in order for them to finally heal.

We will work on building these skills, and increasing your insight and understanding, in a safe, warm, and collaborative relationship. Although depression and anxiety have the same natures, qualities, and dynamics, they always are going to be felt in a unique way, through who you are, and our goal will be to understand your own unique reality, history, and goals. Structured approaches to therapy have their use, but when they are too cookie-cutter therapies, they leave out the most important element in healing: you.

My approach to therapy then, takes into account these two fields—skill building and insight—abilities that move you towards not just less depression/anxiety (as great as that is!), but also into learning to more deeply accept whatever experience comes to you without the additional pain of struggling to make the experience go away.

If wise people are in agreement about anything, it’s that when we fight reality, reality always win.

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Why I Can Help with Anxiety and Depression

My own experience with depression and anxiety, from relatively early in childhood, led me on an unavoidable journey to find out—often more through trial and error than through rigorous method—what exactly works when the goal is to be free of these wild moods. Through a lot of false starts and cul-de-sacs (you can see a map of this path in this article), I’ve come to see that there is actually a healing to depression and anxiety, that is about more than only coping (as vital as that is), and which does actually lead to resolution.

So, with my own history with the wild moods as base, and with a long-time practice of vipassana (mindfulness) meditation, I’ve helped individuals for more than a decade find both their way out of the stuckness of depression and anxiety, as well as to uncover the wisdom that is hiding out in the shadows of these wild moods.

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