Marty Cooper, MFTI am a San Francisco psychotherapist who helps individuals struggling with anxiety and depression to not only manage these “wild moods,” but eventually learn how to overcome them. I work comprehensively with mental, emotional, bodily, and spiritual dimensions of anxiety and depression, all of which are necessary to overcome the chronic quality of anxiety and depression. I have been focusing on these wild moods for coming on 15 years, and after many years of struggling with my own experience of depression, am gratefully and consistently depression-free.

My own path through depression has covered a lot of terrain, including politics, travel (meandering), writing, and Theravadan Buddhism and other spiritual pursuits and teachers.  My original education was in English Literature at UCLA, which has unexpectedly given me a sensitivity to the power of language and metaphor in the origins and healing of depression. Clinically, I trained at the California Institute of Integral Studies (in San Francisco), an institution dedicated to holistic approaches to psychotherapy.  Currently, also at CIIS, I am working on my PhD in psychology, en route to composing a manual and self-help guide to a integrated, multi-modal approach to healing from the wild moods.

This journey, bringing me close now to my 50th year, is the basis for my conviction and clear sense of what anxiety and depression are, how they function, and how they get healed. I have had to study them deeply, and practice broadly, to get myself out of their sticky embrace, and that direct experience forms the basis of what I offer to folks who come to me for help.


Anxiety and Depression: 42 Essays on Overcoming the Wild MoodsAnxiety and Depression: 42 Essays on Overcoming the Wild Moods (2011), is for sale as a paperback or Kindle.

This is a collection of short essays, focusing on the challenge of managing, and ultimately, uprooting depression and anxiety. You can find a few sample articles here, and can purchase the book on Amazon here.

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